The Shulamite Bride

Wooed by the Most High, I am the Shulamite Bride. I have been on a love journey with Jesus for the last 7 years, and this year I will enter into the throneroom and look into the eyes of the One who made me. I felt compelled to start vlogging and testifying of how He pursues my heart. Thanks for following!

This is not a God thing. I know that He longs to be gracious to us. This is a “my Heart thing.” Cultivating a heart of gratitude in every situation, and clinging to the Sovereignty of our Daddy God. The line that says “O’ the differences that often are between, what we really want and what we really need.” Tonight I needed to be close to the heart of my Daddy, and be reminded that the cares of this world are just that… of this world. I have what matters the most in this world and in the next, a relationship with My Daddy. A heart that knows HIM. and that to me is the most precious thing I have. I got wrecked earlier listening to this, It came out of nowhere, but apparently it was a much needed reminder. (my little ramble that I hope blesses someone else) <3

So I just got back to journaling. I&#8217;ve missed it! Look forward to more posts of thoughts, dreams, silly notions, and encounters.

So I just got back to journaling. I’ve missed it! Look forward to more posts of thoughts, dreams, silly notions, and encounters.

Wow, so good. I can’t wait to see their faces.

This is where I&#8217;m standing, right at the beginning. 

This is where I’m standing, right at the beginning. 

Even the longest Journey must begin where you stand.

Even the longest Journey must begin where you stand.

Ministry of Reconciliation ↘

It’s like there is a party in my Spirit, as I’m sitting here at my desk praising God; but I turn off the music and I hear the sounds of keyboards clicking, the sound of breaths being taken, and the sound of the copier printing. Such different extremes. My life felt like a movie in that instant. I think of the world they are missing. Just to sit here and be connected with the Spirit of the Almighty God. Feeling His Presence wash over me, and the feeling of comfort enveloping me, knowing that everything is going to be okay. He has a plan and my heart can rest in it. God is so good.

Set in motion

These past couple of weeks have been interesting. Last Sunday during worship as we sang Fire fall down, I could hear “Make me thy fuel, flame of God!” over and over. When I sang out: Show me your heart, show me Your way, Show me Your glory; I saw in the Spirit, Jesus sitting on the throne, shining like the sun, and I saw His hand reach out and point in a direction, it was the motion to GO. I saw myself dancing and leaping in a warfare dance for India. Later, I addressed my church family about my calling to India. I shared a little about how the Lord called and has unfolded this plan in my life. It’s funny, when we testify of His work, our understanding expands and we are able to glimpse His purpose for our of lives. As I shared I couldn’t help but cry. It’s amazing to know that this was His plan for me all my life. All that I am, even as a small child, characteristics that were apart of me even then, and everything I’ve experienced, are a part of this call. I think this is what leaves me awestruck. 

This Sunday during worship, as we were singing Burning Ones, I was so overwhelmed by the Spirit, I couldn’t stop praying in tongues. As I prayed I saw the words come out of my mouth and form a gold, bronze shimmery dust that covered India’s atmosphere. I then saw Jesus’s foot stomp in the middle of the country and I saw the ground shake. I sensed His authority being established. 

These past few weeks I’ve also met with a few people to discuss and get some direction for when, how, and with who, this will take place. Also just to hear about their experiences in India.  Today I was looking through some photos of ministries in India right now and their progress, my heart was moved with compassion and I wept. It produced such a feeling of longing in my heart. I’m not sure how I will be effective in ministry over there, but I will obey and KNOW: That greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. 

All in all, it seems very real now, everything is set in motion now. It’s funny, like two months ago I was in a transition, and I was antsy. I was going through the usual, “WHAT AM I DOING?” I asked the Lord, What is this?! As I prayed about it, I saw myself waiting for a train, with my luggage all packed, and I was glancing at my watch. I heard Him say: This next train, will be much faster than any other. Well, it seems here I am and I feel it now, this is a time of acceleration. Jodie Hughes prophesied; This isn’t a giant leap for you, but just one step, the transition will be that smooth. Exhale…


(I just finished reading about India, and read some testimonies of human trafficking… I was overwhelmed by the Spirit of God)

I long dearly to hold you in my arms. I want to see your faces and fill your hurts with love; Love from the Father, I want you to feel the safety of His arms, and be filled with the peace from heaven. My heart is aching for you and My spirit is interceding on your behalf. Jesus, be their defender. Abba, bring hope to the hopeless. Abba, arouse your sleeping bride and help us to see beyond the distractions of our lives. Let us hear the sound of those who cry out for justice. “In times of trouble, may the Lord respond to your cry. May the God of Israel keep you from all harm.” -Psalm 20:1 These words do not seem like much but they are His living and active word and I declare it over sea and wind, to bring life and protection to those in pain. I cannot imagine how much God’s heart aches for you. I can barely stand my own ache, and my tears constantly flow from my eyes. Oh how He loves us, how much more, how much more does He want your justice, but the workers are few. Where is the Bride? What is she doing? How much longer do we wait for the Masters return, not investing the inheritance, You, God have given us? Awake our souls, awake us to calling, break apart the hardened hearts, and pour your living water upon them. In Jesus Name.